Support MET

The arts only exist in the partnership between the Artist and the Patron.  Where the Actor gives of his talent, the Patron gives resources and together the artistic statement is made.

Your support helps actors fulfill their dreams.  It helps designers realize their vision.  It helps people experience the power and passion of dynamic storytelling.

Please give to our annual fund drive.  Any amount can make a big difference.  Please consider a monthly gift where $25/month will generate $300 annually.  You are more than just an audience member... you're our partner.

.Skin 2 (100).jpg

Scott Cox and Teri Adams in Skin of our Teeth, 2016

.Wonderful Life (38).jpg

It's a Wonderful Life, 2018


There are many ways to volunteer.  How can you help?

  • Volunteer ushers help keep our patrons safe and healthy during their visit as well as a complimentary ticket to see the performance. 

  • Office help with mailings.

  • Help us build our sets.

  • Join our Gala Committee.

  • Host a small fundraiser at your home.

Please contact us with your ideas!  Together we will make dynamic, intimate theatre.