Please join us for exciting theatre!


We are in a special time in the life of the company. We've grown into a strong young theatre and are searching for a new and permanent home.  Our space at 3614 Main has been a great laboratory for us to hone our dynamic, intimate style of theatre but we are at the end of it's functional life. We've frankly outgrown it.


We hope to be in our new space soon but it may take some time to get it "audience ready".  In the meantime, we will continue to produce at our regular Main Street venue.  You are really important to us. We'll be keeping you updated all along the way. It's an exciting journey.


With your support, we will make this transition to our new home and create a welcoming theatre for all.  You bet we're in it for the long haul.  A strong working theatre serves our audiences, our artists and  all of Kansas City creating a strong frame to serve us all for decades to come.


We welcome you to this journey. Season 13 is beginning and we're bringing you another year of great plays.  Passionate - Powerful - Personal.


Come see. It's best when you are here. 




Karen Paisley

Producing Artistic Director