Keenan Ramos              Chris Roady                 S.E. Perry                       Tim Ahlenius

April 4-21, 2019


This is a story that stands the test of time...

​- Common Sense Media

The story rings out clear and true... 

– The Scotsman

Based on the novella by Stephen King, this stage adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption harkens to the 1994 critically acclaimed film, bringing audiences to the edge of their seats.  


Andy Dufresne is convicted of the murder of his wife and her lover and sentenced to life imprisonment at Shawshank prison. Fortunately, Andy befriends some of the other inmates, in particular, a character known only as Red. Over time Andy finds ways to live out life with relative ease as one can in a prison, leaving a message for all that while the body may be locked away in a cell, the spirit can never be truly imprisoned.


Making its North American Debut, this production is sure to please fans of the book and the film!

Chad Burris               Evan Lovelace                Christopher Preyer         Kevin Fewell

Dan Daly                    Nick Hazel                       Andrew Paredes             Ross Fogel