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The Los Angeles based, award winning, 25 piece Rock Orchestra, conducted by the mad-man who started it all Elvis Schoenberg and featuring the phenomenal vocals of The Fabulous Miss Thing, a force of nature who has been described as a mad inbreeding of Norma Desmond and Yma Sumac, and Dangerous Dan O’Callaghan, The Ultimate Fighting Champion Turned Opera Singer, along with 25 spectacular musicians.

Known for its usual stage antics, eccentric arrangements, wild costumes, and impeccable musicianship, the Orchestre Surreal is making it’s Kansas City debut!

May 29 and 30

The Orchestra Surreal

This is a strange group... The only thing you can do is hold on to your seat and go for the ride. 

- Music Connection

​Elvis Schoenberg and the Orchestre Surreal provide a modern-day psychedelic music appreciation course ​in the form of a performance event.  By cleverly and playfully combining classic rock songs with classical music, jazz, and film music,  the Orchestre breaks the barriers of the standard orchestra experience with costumes, stage antics, and unexpected twists and turns, giving the audience an entertaining experience of the music they know in a completely new way.