2019  KCFringe@Warwick  July 18-28

It's the 15th KC Fringe and (after a two year hiatus moving from our old space into the Warwick) MET is excited to again host the 10-day festival at "Our House".   These unique shows will educate, illuminate and motivate.  So, drop in, have a cocktail at The Lobby Bar and exercise your imagination.


Final Curtain

From the team that brought you Bird in the Hand, Audience, and Check Mate comes next-level immersive theater. Once famous ghost hunters come to this twice cursed theater to capture paranormal activity but all is not as it seems. Three plays happen simultaneously & interact to weave a story of redemption, love, and discovery on the journey to the Final Curtain.


**In each performance, up to four audience members will become full cast members in this ghost story - come early if you wish to be considered.



Winner: Best Solo

Orlando Fringe 2018

In 1957, Soviet scientists sent the first living thing into space - a stray dog. MUTTNIK is a "one dog play" that draws from historical events to create a story of purpose, life, and death all told by a Russian pup.

"This story of courage in the face of adversity tugs at the heartstrings. Good dog." Orlando Sentinel

"There are many dogs in the Orlando Fringe game this year, but this good boy may just be best in show." Watermark Magazine 

Dreams Do Come True

Kent Rader's one-man (CLEAN) comedy show answers the age old question, "How does one go from accounting to comedy?" (Kent says it is easy if you're a bad accountant.) On his 20th anniversary of doing clean stand-up comedy, Kent reflects on how he unexpectedly became less selfish transitioning from malcontent accountant to (less malcontent) comedian. This show takes you on a journey you won't want to end.

In Just My....jpg

In Just My Underwear

The human body is an amazing thing. However, sometimes we don't always view it as such. Follow theatre artist, Tony Sloan, as he discusses body image, diet, exercise culture, and confidence through the scope of his own 100+ pound weight loss during this one-man exhibition. Oh... and by the way, he isn't wearing any pants.

Is This a Test?

How does a lifetime of teaching affect you? Meeting thousands of students as they grow and change, seeing their needs go stunningly unmet... Whence cometh the calm, the patience for each life you meet? Can frustrations crush you? Can sheer exhilaration lift you beyond the reach of gravity and oxygen? Facing the ignorance of decision makers, unconcerned, misunderstanding learning beings, can this impel you to the brink of mayhem? Is This a Test? features Judy Graves and EmMarie Quirk.


Bones Beneath the Sidewalk

Bleeding Kansas versus Bloody Missouri. Tales of John Brown, Bloody Bill Anderson, plus a former Missouri governor leading Confederates into the Battle of Westport are all described by a grandfather to his grandchild. Kansas and Missouri choruses pipe in - no love lost here. There are bones beneath the sidewalks in Kansas City, according to J.C. Nichols. Civil War soldiers bones that we walk over today.