Our 16th Season* 2021-22

Hot L Baltimore by Lanford Wilson, 2010

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Faith. Hope, Dreams, Bravery, Love... MET's 16th season is filled with passion. 

New plays, a classic musical, major masterworks and contemporary classics. 

We tell our stories to celebrate what it means to feel... to connect... to be human.


These 5 plays are available through membership.  Visit our Box Office page for more information.

September 9-19, 2021

Before she was a saint, Joan of Arc was a teenage girl.  This powerful story is told from the perspective of Joan's mother, Isabelle, whose passionate nature passed itself on to Joan.

Luminous, powerful and stunningly beautiful, this deeply moving, sometimes funny play shares the journey of this everyday family during an extraordinary time. 

“Witty and piercing. Jane Anderson perfectly melds comedy and drama.” - Daily Beast

“Full of Discovery. Powerful and Stunning.” - New York Magazine


Consider yourself at home as Dickens’ England come to life in OLIVER! the story of a workhouse orphan who escapes to finds acceptance amongst a group of petty thieves and pickpockets, led by the elderly Fagin. When Oliver is captured for a theft that he did not commit, a series of misadventures and revelations land him in the home of the wealthy Mr. Brownlow, where Oliver discovers the true love of a family. Filled with memorable songs, unforgettable characters, and an infectious joy of life, OLIVER! remains one of the most prominent musicals of the 20th century.

Winner of the 1963 Tony Award for Best Original Score & 1968 Academy Award for Best Picture

“Vivid and varied…the tunes, glorious tunes, leave us glad to hear them time and again.”

– Press Telegram.

January 21-30, 2022

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March 3-13, 2022

Originally produced at New York's Circle Rep, this tender, ribald, and complex love story is set in a waterfront bar where seaman Harry Bales spends his shore leave. "The Sea Horse" is run by Gertrude Blum, with whom Harry enjoys a purely physical relationship; they have never shared their private yearnings. Gertrude has encased her heart behind a facade of toughness following a failed marriage. Now Harry has a dream; he wants to buy a charter fishing boat and to have a son. The play progresses through a ritual courtship as these two outwardly abrasive characters fight, make up, fight again, spin dreams, deflate them, make love and reveal their locked up secrets.


"An incredible love story. A beautiful play!" - Newhouse Newspapers

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March 31-April 10, 2022

Set in 1898, Flyin’ West is the vivid and spirited story of African American women pioneers who settle together in the all-black town of Nicodemus, KS. After emancipation, the play’s four women have taken advantage of the Homestead Act to leave the oppressive South in hopes of finding the freedom that had been denied to them for so long. Cleage’s work explores themes of determination, racial pride, intermarriage and the power of love to highlight the female empowerment that she sees as vital to the African American community.


"[A] most potent, gripping play…a paean to women…and a plea for all women with vibrant lives to tell their oral stories…." — The New York Times

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May 12-22, 2022

Movie star Caroline has it all: looks, fame, and a clear shot at superstardom. With pregnancy, though, her carefully crafted life gets torn apart as her body changes to grow a new life. The real and surreal blend together as Caroline grapples with her inner demons and fights for control of her own existence.  From MET Artistic Director, Karen Paisley, comes a haunting and original new play marrying breezy dialogue with the dichotomy of demands placed on professional women by contemporary society.



October 21-31, 2021

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December 9-19, 2021

An Irish Pub and Bedford Falls


These 2 plays are available individually.  Visit our Box Office page for more information.

In Brendan's pub, isolated above the town, the men gather for their daily pint. The arrival of a stranger in their midst - a woman - spurs them to impress her with stories of souls past and of spirits very much present. But one story is more chilling and real than any of the men could have foreseen.  Stop in for a small one or a bottle of the black stuff as we re-visit this intimate show from last season.

"A richly written ghost story, “The Weir’s” superb acting makes it a must see for a Halloween treat." - KCApplauds.com

1997 Olivier Award for Best Play

Join in MET’s Holiday Tradition.  This beloved American holiday classic comes to captivating life as a live 1940s radio broadcast. With the help of an ensemble that brings a few dozen characters to the stage, the story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve.

"One of the best holiday shows around. This is a fresh and inventive way of reconnecting with a classic story of love and redemption." - Chicago Sun-Times